Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Hatchechubbee Mahi...

Dear Reader,
     Husband loves to play with his backyard cooking toys and, in doing so, has created a huge variety of recipes...none of which are ever exactly the same because he doesn't write anything down and is forever trying to better whatever he did the last time!
     He is extremely proud of this Mahi Mahi much so that tonight he insisted I watch him so I could see EXACTLY how to do it in case I ever had to cook it...Heaven forbid I ever DO have to because we all know MINE would never match up to HIS!
     Anyway...If I'm going to WATCH, then I'm going to take PICTURES, am I not?!

He lined his ingredients up in order of use...

For someone who doesn't write down his recipes, he was VERY specific about what I should write down...but, lucky for you I streamlined them for this blog post.

             MahiMahi fillets (1 per person
               steeped in                
Lemon Juice
then sprinkled with
Sea Salt
rubbed liberally with
Smoked Paprika
patted on all sides with
Dried Thyme and Rosemary
(make sure the above herbs "stick") between the fillets pour a small amount of
Marsala Cooking Wine/Sherry
and "mop" up the wine with the fillets (flipping and turning and rubbing them across the plate.Hubby likened this motion to wiping the counter with a wet rag (shudder)..You may have to add a tad more wine)

Now you are ready for the backtard "play"...

Cover the bottom of a cast iron frying pan with
Extra Light Tasting Olive Oil and heat until steaming.

Place Mahi in hot oil...

Beware...the wine basting may cause the Mahi to burst into flame...

but have no fear (according to Hubby) just pour a little of your Heineken beer into the flame. 

It will flare up briefly and then go out leaving behind a bit more flavor steamed into your MahiMahi.
Hubby does this step each time the fish is flipped (or if oil seems too hot) to steam flavor into the beer as it is browning.

Needless to say, the beer was not a chosen ingredient the first became one when the wine baste flared up and Hubby used the beer he was holding as a fire extinguisher :)

Be careful...this fish does not take long to cook..

Delicious served with buttered white rice and fresh spinach sauteed in light olive oil, garlic pepper sprinkle, and sea salt.

Enjoy your fish AND your day!



MyStory of HiStory said...

Welcome to your new home, Mug! VeRy Nice!! It's yet another snow day here. Husband & I are up early tho' as he was trying to decide if he should attempt his commute. Tell your husband that even at 6:30AM his fish looks delish!!

Mug said...

Will do, MyStory! Lots of frosty sunshine here after 2 days of rain & wind...but it is supposed to get up into the low fifties this afternoon...We'll see:)

The 4 Bushel Farmgal said...

As I was reading, I wondered where the bottle of Heineken would come in ;) This looks soooo good.

I'll change my link to this site so I can follow "the chicks"!

Rachel at The Inspired said...

What a wonderful process/post. I can't wait to see your amazing writing skills take OFF on this blog. I'm going to introduce you on mine soon so we can get some good traffic to ya!

Laura said...

Sounds very delicious but a little bit dangerous too! Thanks for stopping by my blog, I'm glad you enjoyed yourself there! And I hope you enjoy the Tomato and Bread soup whenever you make it! Once it warms up around here and I can make it to the grill I'll have to give your husband's Mahi Mahi a try! Have a great weekend!

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