Friday, April 29, 2011

New Paintings.....

Dear Reader,
It's been awhile since I have posted.....
time has a way of just flying right by when no one is looking, it seems...
but then again, I have been busy...
with painting and a plethora of other things that I will post about another time:-)

Above, the Hatchechubbee Chicks and the Hatchechubbee Guys
meet at the softball field behind the church
for a competitive match between the guys and the chicks!

This little Hatchechubbee Chicks is dancing her way down Highway 26
headed to the ballet lessons for all ages held in the
Fellowship Hall at the little Methodist church in the Land of Hatchechubbee.

And this little Hatchechubbee Guy,
complete with waders, lucky straw hat, cane pole, and worms, 
is headed to the creek
for some serious fishing in the Land of Hatchechubbee.

And then there's Opal, an original Hatchechubbee Chick.
(This is actually Opal #2 since I sold the 1st Opal at the DooNanny in the Land of Seale.)

*Note* Tomorrow some of the real-life Hatchechubbee Chicks and Guys from the real-life Hatchechubbee Methodist Church will be headed to the Land of Eclectic, Alabama in Elmore County to report for a day of helping in the aftermath of the tornadoes that raced through Alabama on Wednesday.

Have a lovely day!

1 comment:

MyStory of HiStory said...

You have been busy!! And yes...time does seem to fly! I can relate there.

After seeing that first pic I told Strike her team should play the boys! She liked the idea!

And that fisherman...l hafta think there's no place he'd rather be than where he's heading :)

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