Tuesday, February 1, 2011

The BEST Chicken Pot Pie...

Hubby deemed this

the BEST chicken pot pie he's EVER had!

He went on to talk about how much he liked chicken pot pie in general....
Hmmm...now we've been married for 33 years...
so why didn't I know he liked chicken pot pie that much...Hmmm?

Anyway, he was FULL of praises for this particular pie.


Canned chicken(2 cans) 
(I was lazy, but I did check the sodium content to be sure i was choosing the one with the least (Tysons won)
chicken broth
fresh vegetables
(I used 2 small potatoes, 1/3 red bellpepper, 4 carrots, 3 stalks celery, onion, broccoli)
cornstarch (2 Tbs)
red pepper flakes
sea salt
2 pie crusts
(I used Publix brand readymade)

Simmer the chopped fresh vegetables in about 1 cup chicken broth about 20 minutes.  Season with salt, garlic, red pepper flakes.  In another cup of broth mix the cornstarch and pour in with vegetable mixture.  Add the canned chicken.  Mix and pour into 8x8 or 9x9 baking dish lined with one pie crust.  Place the 2nd pie crust on top and press to edges.
Bake at 375 for 30 - 50 minutes (until browned and bubbling)

Enjoy...and have a lovely day!

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MyStory of HiStory said...

Oooohh that sure looks good! But don't let those parading chicks get wind of this ... They might get nervous ;) lol

Mug said...

Oh MY! You are so right, MyStory:]. That is so funny (not to "the Chicks", of course!)
...You've got me chuckling aloud as I type this!:)

Hmmm...I feel the stirrings of another painting idea...I can just see their eyes now as they look hither and yon trying to see who's making (gulp!) chick-en pot pie!

Tiff said...

I'm going to try this tonight! It looks so yummy, I can't believe we couldn't smell it the night you were cooking it!

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